See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0

Attention: Concealed Carriers, Firearms Instructors, and Pistol Owners

Vision Training is the hidden tool that can help you:

- Improve shooting skills up to 288 TIMES faster than normal live fire and dry fire training.

- Reduce and Prevent Flinch
- See Quicker So You Can Shoot Quicker!

You can pause, scroll, watch it muted and read the transcript, or play it faster or slower.

These are pretty outrageous claims...
Am I exaggerating?
More than 2,000 shooters who I've helped will tell you I'm not.
And you can watch my presentation from the USCCA ConcealedCarry Expo
above and see for yourself.
But I appreciate a skeptic, so let me prove it to you...

80% of shooting is mental and visual, but we spend the majority of our training time on tactics, technique, and gear.

Doing gun training without vision training is like driving around in a sports car with the parking brake on.

You can still get where you're's just going to take a lot more money, time, and effort than necessary.

Vision issues hamstring ALL of the training you're currently doing, whether you're picking up a gun for the first time, an elite operator where lives depend on your performance, or in contention for a major championship.  

Many instructors talk about basic vision training...things like letting the eye settle, near-far drills, and shifting from target to target and that's awesome, but...

I Want To Show You
Beyond The Surface
and Use Vision Training To:

Put accurate first hits on target as much as 3-4X faster for shooters struggling to shoot with both eyes open
"Find the dot" faster on pistol mounted optics
Improve reaction visual AND auditory "go" signals
Assess and stabilize all 4 (not 2) forms of eye dominance...including shifting eye dominance (If you're using the old "make-a-triangle-and-bring-it-to-your-face" dominance test, you REALLY need this...I cover the 4 types of dominance in the video above and in the training)
Drills to make the front sight clearer...sometimes in seconds, no matter how "old" your eyes are
Improve attention and learning speed
Reduce flinch
Increase grip intensity
Improve peripheral awareness
Eliminate choppy vision when shooting on the move or shooting moving targets

For Advanced Shooters,
We'll use Vision Training To:

Immediately improve visual processing speeds
Improve visual avoid shooting things that shouldn't be shot (or shot again)
Shoot better on the move than most can shoot flat-footed (for both counter-ambush/counter-assault AND competition)
Dramatically increase accuracy while shooting from moving platforms
Increase transition speeds between targets...especially if you can transition faster in one direction than the other.
Shooting accurately SOONER when moving into position after dynamic movement

For Shooters In Pain,
I'll Tell You How I've
Used Vision Training To:

Help shooters (including myself) who's back "went out" continue matches and classes without pain
Decrease hip-flexor pain to near-zero and improve range of motion 20 degrees or a minute or two
Lower elevated stress-induced heart-rates by up to seconds
Improve balance, hand-eye coordination, and hand-foot coordination
Reduce neck and shoulder stiffness

As you can see, vision impacts almost every area of our brain.  

Vision impacts whether or not we feel anxiety, residual muscle tension, the intensity of pain, the number of muscle fibers our brain will fire (strength & speed), and more...a LOT more that we can influence with vision training.

Vision impacts almost every aspect of shooting performance.

Each of these issues can act like a parking brake on your progress.  And when we fix them, the gains in speed and accuracy can be fast and dramatic.  

Explosive, in fact.  

It's why we can see performance gains in seconds with vision training that would normally take days or weeks using high volume training.

You see, when you get the visual part of shooting dialed in, everything else you do is easier.  All your other training will be more productive.  You'll build more skill in less time, remember it longer, and perform better under stress.

Let me show you how.

But first, who the heck am I?

I'm Mike "Ox" Ochsner.  I'm one of a handfull of neurology based firearms instructors in the world.  

I wasn't always a neurology professional.  It was kind of forced on me.

In my mid-late 30s, the consequences of 15+ concussions where I lost time caught up with me.  None of my concussions were from heroic deeds.  I've had more than my share of hard impacts with rocks, cement, trees, fists, and heads.  And more than a lifetime of being next to people shooting .50 caliber rifles with muzzle brakes.

As a result, I had vertigo most nights for a few years, my eyes stopped tracking correctly, I had constant headaches, I went from being very athletic to falling often (and getting more concussions), reading wasn't fun anymore, my hand-eye coordination stopped working, and I had constant random pains on the left side of my body.

Life sucked and it was hard.  I wasted a ton of energy "seeing," not falling, and not running into things.

I had to make a choice of whether this was my new "normal" or if I had another option.

Neurology, and specifically vision training, helped me get my life less than an hour with a neurology trainer.

On a hunch, I started using some of the drills that helped me with shooters I was working with, and saw explosive results.

I was hooked.

I dove deep down the neurology rabbit with Next Level Neuro, Z-Health, Wharton Neurology, and more.  Hundreds of hours of neurology continuing education...including more than 100 hours of live training this year alone!

Neurology and vision training changed my life.  It took at least 10 years off the clock and allowed me to become a master level shooter with a subcompact.

In the process, I wrote a book on neurology based gun training that's been called the best firearms training book in existence and used by elite military, law enforcement, and civilian instructors and shooters.  My presentations at firearms instructor and neurology conferences have been called the best in 20 years, and I've had the opportunity to help thousands of shooters use neurology and vision training to unlock performance that they didn't think was possible for them.

And I'd like to do the same for you with See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0.

Get rid of eye dominance confusion and shoot better with both eyes open
Upgrade your hand-eye coordination so aiming is fast and accurate
Use vision drills to reduce or eliminate flinch, which is one of the biggest causes of low and low-left groups
Improve reaction time, strength, speed, and balance with simple, quick vision drills

With "See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0"
You can Guarantee
That Your Next Trip to the Range
is Your Best Trip to the Range
And...If You Ever Need To...
That You Can Make "The Shot" When Lives Depend On It

What's Included With The Training?

See Quicker Shoot Quicker 1.0

To start with, you get access to the See Quicker Shoot Quicker 1.0 training that's received rave reviews from more than 2,000 shooters who have gone through it since 2017.

It is the core training that I used to get my life back after my concussions.

It also includes the drills that I've used with more than 1,000 shooters live and seen an average of a 20% increase in speed + accuracy in 3-5 minutes.

Value:  $97

"Brock String" 2.0 or the "Ox String"

Almost a century ago, Dr. Frederick Brock created a beads-on-a-string tool for vision training and it's an incredible tool.

He created it to help himself with lazy eye...and it worked.  It works for improving distance estimation, binocular fusion, confusion when shooting with both eyes open, unstable eye dominance, and other common visual issues that shooters face.

But it's not easily portable.  

The Ox String is the first major improvement in this major that it's patent pending.  It's just over 7 feet long and retractable so it never tangles and is easy to use alone, with a partner, or with one end secured to something solid.

Normal Brock String beads are painted wooden beads.  After testing more than 30 different styles of beads with students across the country, I found that these high contrast, sparkly beads help people make the biggest gains in the least time.

There are more than 20 powerful, quick, and easy Ox String drills that come with the training covering the basics that I mentioned above PLUS reaction time drills, drills to improve reading speed, hand-eye coordination drills, target transition drills, balance drills, and the "front sight accelerator" drill that can cut the time it takes you to shift focus from the target to the front sight in HALF (or more).

Until recently, the only way to get these was to attend live in-person training with me or be an instructor in my $600 Vision Training For Firearms Instructors course.

Value for the Ox String and drills $1000 + and several in-office visits with a vision training professional if you did them where you live.

The $1,000 number isn't made up, and it's actually quite low.  Average costs for vision training across the country range from $3,000-$10,000.  It's one of the reasons why it's mainly the best-of-the-best in the world that do it.

If you look at NCAA and pro teams that are consistently winning national and world championships, one of the common factors that you'll see is that they have invested hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, into vision training over the last decade.  Vision Training IS the future.

Front Sight Clarifier Charts

These deceptively simple pocket-sized cards have helped shooters like you see their front sight clearer and read up to 2 font sizes smaller in 2 weeks!

With or without 'readers'

(and even with 'Old' Eyes)

Value: ???  How much would it be worth if they helped you see your front sight, menus, and your phone easier without squinting???

"2 Dot" Cards

These were originally created as a live, in-person vision training for a series of 12 shooting courses I ran for A Girl and A Gun.

Since then, I've used them in every class I've taught and sent thousands of these to instructors around the country to use in their classes and give to their students.

Simply put, they are a "must have" for anyone who thinks they may need ot use a firearm to save a life.

You get the cards AND video instructions on how to do the drills in a handy, pocket-sized format.

See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0

When you combine all of this...

  • The original See Quicker Shoot Quicker 1.0 training
  • The patent pending retractable Ox String & drills
  • Front sight clarifier cards
  • 2 dot cards

and all the drills and training, the equivalent training done locally with a vision training professional would cost between $3,000 - $10,000.  And it would be a bargain if you could afford it.

Fortunately, the See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0 training is only $97 if you act today.

I'm going to keep it at that price for the first 200 people who take advantage of the discount.

I'm doing that to get some success stories and reviews QUICKLY.  After the first 200, I'm planning on raising the price to $500, and possibly more.  

It will still be a great value at that price, but not as great as if you sign up today.

What kind of success stories am I looking for?

Here's an example:

47% AVERAGE Improvement In Both-Eyes-Open Speed + Accuracy...In Minutes

I recently did a test with a group of students using techniques from See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0.  It included the drills from SQSQ 1.0 that helped shooters improve an average of 20% + a couple modifications that DOUBLED the effectiveness.

I had them shoot a course of fire for time WITH BOTH EYES OPEN.  Only hits counted.  We recorded the times.  It was super-hard for some of them to shoot with both eyes open because it was too confusing.

Then, we did a few minutes of the drills from the cheat sheets and re-shot the course of fire.

EVERYBODY improved...even those who were OK shooting with both eyes open before.

3 shooters improved their times by more than 60%.  One improved 80.4%!

How long would it take with "traditional techniques" to improve that much?  Days?  Weeks?  We did it in minutes.

When you have the visual aspects of shooting dialed in, you'll be unstoppable.  A force of nature.  And shooting will be more fun than it's ever been before.

I made a few claims.  You may doubt them.  Here are some cool facts:

-288X faster skill building.  Karl Rehn and I both looked at our own numbers and spoke with other instructors about what amount of improvement in speed and accuracy would equal an outstanding success at the end of a 2-3 day live training.  20% seems to be the unofficial, but common answer.  My 3-5 minute vision training sequence has had an average improvement of 20% in speed and accuracy.  3 days X 8 hours X 60 minutes = 1440 minutes.  1440/5=288.  

Does that mean that I'm saying that 5 minutes of vision training is BETTER than 2-3 days of live training?  Absolutely not.  But EVERY single 2-3 day class SHOULD be starting with this 5 minute vision training sequence.  

-Before/after test with 1,000 shooters.  Since 2014, I've run a drill using live fire, airsoft, T4E, non-recoiling SIRT pistols, and airsoft guns converted to shoot lasers with 1000+ shooters.  It consists of 5 small targets 7-10 yards away from the shooter.  They shoot it with both eyes open, if possible.  Only hits count.  They shoot a baseline for time.  If they mess up, they get a 2nd or 3rd try.  They do the drills.  They re-shoot the course of fire.  70% of shooters have improved.  20% do worse before doing additional drills.  10% do the same.  The average improvement has been 20%.

In early 2023, I modified this drill sequence in light of common negative after-effects of the Covid spike protein and since then have seen the percentage of shooters helped without additional drills jump to between 90%-100% and the average improvement increase to 47%.  Again, I don't suggest doing this instead of training but rather to build ALL training on top of this better, stronger foundation.

-Helped 2,000 shooters.  More than 2,000 shooters have gone through my online vision training courses, including the original See Quicker Shoot Quicker that you'll get access to with See Quicker Shoot Quicker 2.0.  That's in addition to thousands of shooters who have attended live range training or classroom-style training with me or the tens of thousands who have watched one of my free online training workshops.

-Vision can put the brakes on performance...or release them.  The midbrain does a few things that are really important.  It integrates sensory input.  It keeps us from going into fight-or-flight mode.  It interprets pain signals from the body and amplifies or minimizes them.  It controls flexor muscle tone.  It (along with the rest of the brainstem) gets first crack at oxygen and glucose in the blood before it goes to higher level systems like creative thinking, inhibition (not doing or saying bad things), and complex movement planning.

When the signals from our eyes are in conflict with each other...or the signals from our visual system are in conflict with our inner ears or body awareness, our midbrain wastes a ton of energy (oxygen and glucose from the blood) resolving that conflict.  That increases fight-or-flight feelings & anxiety, decreases oxygen and glucose available for the rest of the brain, and limits the speed and accuracy of our creative thought and complex movement.

When we resolve these conflicts between the eyes and between the eyes and the rest of our senses, everything that we want to do is easier.  We get more performance with less effort.

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